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The #1 question I’m asked…

“Will The Reading Roadmap really work for ME?”

You've probably wondered the same thing. Sure, it’s helped other teachers. But you have a unique class, teaching style, and life circumstances. How can you know for SURE the PD is going to meet YOUR needs?

I'm Malia Hollowell, and since 2016 when I first created this training, I've received thousands of emails, social media comments and messages telling me how The Reading Roadmap has changed alums’ lives.

I created this page to share some of those teachers' stories, and answer your questions about what you can realistically expect from the training. 

As you'll see, this PD is NOT about where or what you teach - it's about YOU: your knowledge, systems, and tools. The Roadmap is designed to help you level up your skills and strategies, no matter where you are in your teaching journey.

–Malia Hollowell, Founder

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We’ve been helping Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and
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Here are some of their stories…

Best Year Yet!

I really wanted to know more about how to teach sight words and what order to teach phonics. Now I feel like I am able to prepare for my best year yet this fall.
I love that we can rewatch the lessons and that we are given materials to use. This is a complete program. It doesn’t just tell you what to do, but also gives you the materials and guidance to fully implement the program. I would encourage all K-2 teachers to take it!
JOANN M. (Kindergarten)


I was hoping to learn how to implement the Science of Reading into my classroom.  Malia knows her "stuff" and goes above and beyond to help and support us!  It's like she is in the classroom next door. If she doesn't know something, she will find out!  I always brag about the support and explanations she gives, and the materials that are ready to use. 

MARCELLA R. (Kindergarten)

More Than I Hoped!

I have never felt fully equipped to teach children to read, especially those that are struggling.  I was hoping I would walk away with some tips and a better understanding of the reading process.  I got so much more than I hoped to! I have assessed all of my students and have such an understanding now of why the pieces are not coming together for them!!  I truly understand what I am doing and what I need to do for them!!!


Is The Reading Roadmap worth the money?

I am 3 years from retirement and this has been the BEST PD I've seen in my 32 years! OMG!! Have I died and gone to "Teacher Heaven"?! Thank you so much!!
Ramona G.
Wow! I had no idea I was going to receive so much! The activities are already organized and I've been using them every day!
Tina Myers

What has been the biggest game changer?

I'm working on Module 3...and HALLELUJAH! I have been looking for an all-in-one phonological awareness and phonics assessments for FOREVER!!
Jennifer L.
My favorite part was having the road map of which skill to teach next. So much of what we do is our best guess for the child/situation; it's nice to know what will best help a child sooner! I've gained confidence knowing my knowledge base is solid and understanding what to do next so the children I am teaching don't flounder.
It's my first time teaching kindergarten and I was really nervous about teaching reading. All of the instructional step-by-step videos were so helpful!
Tracy M.

What if you don't get results or
the program's not a good fit?

We're confident that The Reading Roadmap will help you gain
teaching confidence and get significantly bigger reading growth.

If not, send us an email within the first 7 days of the course starting, and
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Imagine how you’ll feel when you…

  • Start every school year knowing that you will change all of your students' lives - they'll leave your classroom reading
  • Pinpoint exactly what students' needs and strengths are using the simple, 5-minute assessments provided
  • Save 90 hours of prep time each year by using the print-and-play decodable literacy centers that help students learn and grow
  • Actually have fun and enjoy teaching literacy
  • Are confident 100% of your students will read - not one student will slip through the cracks
  • Watch the smiles on your students' faces as they enter next year already reading